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ResqVester PFD Life Vest Signaling & Rescue System Now Available.

Coming Soon! Emergency First Aid/Survival Kits and Emergency Tools

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Check our our LED Candle and Lantern AAA Battery Eliminator Systems at

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Custom Luggage Tags
SecureBAG-TAG kit example image

Diver Equipment Tag Kit

Golf Tag Kit

Bike Tag Kit ONLY $9.95

Home Property Security Kit

BPS Ultra Violet - UV Marking System

SecureUV Marking Kit
Auto Glass Etching
Only $17.95 Complete

SecureVIN Auto Glass Etching Kit
CCTV/Alarm Decals
CCTV Systems

Home Security Decal
High Security Key
Tags & Key Chains

High security key tags and chains $14.95
Custom Property
& Rental Tags

Custom Property Tags
Protect Kid Backpacks,
Binders & Books

Secure Kid Tags
Emergency Medical Alert

Emergency Medical Alert System QR codes

Self-Adhesive Plastic

Package of 2 sheets. Retail display shown.

Auto Rim Marking Kit

UV Marking Kit for Rims, Scooters, Bikes, etc

Convert Business Cards
to Luggage Tags.

3 of your business cards turned into luggage tags with grommets and stainless steel cables.

Executive Tag Kit

Stainless Steel Cables Quick Order

For large, custom or wholesale orders please visit Scroll down to the cable section. Thank you.

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